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We live in an advertising-savvy country. We are all critics of what we see. We make snap decisions about organizations based on their material.

So, if you’ve ever called on a major donor and been somewhat embarrassed by the collateral material you had to show them—that’s bad. And if your direct mail has just stopped producing results, you don’t need us to tell you that’s bad, too. The harsh reality is that your donors are being approached by other organizations…and you’re falling behind.

The Burck Communications philosophy? Be better than the best!

There is no reason your organization can’t produce top quality material. With the advent of the digital press, you can produce small quantities or highly designed and personalized pieces for a fraction of what you might expect.


To keep up, you need to make sure you at least match the competition in look and feel of your print material. To rise above, your stuff needs to surpass theirs. You have to do this so that the greatness of your cause stands out to your donor.

When you work with us we will exceed your design and production expectations. You will be thrilled with how your organization stands out and how your collateral material clearly communicates your cause.