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Klamath Falls - Chamber Presentation

Come here the presentation.  It will go a little something like this...

Social Networking is not a magic bullet. Good marketing is what you need. Social Networking can be an effective tool in your strategy, but don't think it will solve all your problems, cause it can't.

It used to be:

"If I have a brochure and business cards my biz will succeed."

Then it was:

"If I have a website my biz will succeed."

Then it was:

"If I do Search Engine Marketing my biz will succeed."

Then it was:

"If I have e-mail marketing my biz will succeed."

Now the mantra is:

"If I do social networking my biz will succeed."

Of course the answer to all of those is... MAYBE.

Success depends more on the value of what your company is offering, who you are going after, what the competition is and if the customer has a more compelling reason to do business with you than others.

The fact is social networking is another tool that needs to be used and understood and can be very effective... but it won't be the end-all-be-all. Again another tool. A new tool... but again a tool that should be worked in with other media to make for an overall marketing plan.